17 July 2013

An African Timelaspe

My first real outing with my new and mostly home-made time-lapse kit. I was using a Canon 60D, home-made track, orion teletrack and okii focus puller. Despite experiencing numerous problems, I am fairly satisfied with the results. I am trying to show that time-lapse can be far more versatile than previously thought, with drifting camera moves and focus-pulls.

10 July 2013

About Slovakia

This was a first time-lapse that I've ever done. It was shot in my home country Slovakia, during the last summer, and I am still quite proud of my first time-lapse baby.  It shows all the places that mean a lot to me - landscapes near our cottage at Tajch, Nova Bana, Nitra - my hometown, and Bratislava - the capital where I lived for 3 years.  
Longital - A to je vsetko? / Is that all?

Technical details:
Shot with canon 600d, standard lens.
HDR processing done in SNS-HDR software.

Enjoy the video.

Love and light,



Thailand was the first country on my 8 months journey across Asia, and somehow I keep coming back as it keeps calling me:) Bangkok  really is the gate to South-east Asia:)
You can see places from all over, Koh Chang, Bangkog, Chiang Rai, Pai and the most amazing festival of lights - Loi Krathon in Chiang Mai. 

This time-lapse was done on the go, or as we say in Slovakia 'on the knee' (na kolene:) 
So, on my knee was my little netbook, that have done a great job as most probably it was designed just to check your facebook and emails:)

Guaranteed : Eddie Vedder. From movie Into the wild (check out the film, it is a traveler's must see:) 

Technical details:
Shot with canon 600d, standard 18 - 55 mm lens,
HDR processing of images was done with Photomatix

Love and light,


Hello World!

Just testing if this brand new blog works!
Universe get ready for some epic moving time-lapse awesomeness.

Love and light,