14 August 2013

Mystic Asia

It is hard to summarise the story behind this video in couple of words. Simply said, I've travelled around Asia for 8 months, and it has been the best time in my life.

So many experiences, so many beautiful faces.
I started in Thailand. I became part of the scubadiving family in Koh Chang for a while, I met some of the funniest backpackers in lovely village in North of Thailand - Pai - that has to be reached by driving through 762 curves.
Tubing in Laos. Loi Krathong festival in Chiang Mai and simply the best couchsurfing experience in Yoga house, which is a home to many open minded spirits interested in yoga, thai massage and simply being happy.
Discovering Angkor Wat and history of Cambodia.
Meeting old friends, and going through a traditional big Indian wedding in Bombay. Partying in Goa and riding a camel for 3 days in a desert near Pakistan border.
Enjoying the serene beaches of Sri lanka and time-lapsing away in the beautiful mountains covered with green tea plantations.
The last 3 months I've spent in Nepal, which soon became my second home. I stayed in a buddhist monastery for a week, volunteered at organic coffee farm, celebrated Holi festival of colours, walked 200 km in Himalayas - the Annapurna circuit and finished the whole journey with 10 days silent meditation course -Vipassana.

I learned so much about the world, but most of all I learned about the kindness of strangers and made friends from all corners of this planet and beyond:)

I wanted to say to whomever who is thinking about going to travel for a while: Just do it, it is one thing you will never regret.

Namaskaratha Mantra - Divine Chants of Shiva - Mantras That Manifest As Energy and Enlightenment
Latika's theme from Slumdog millionaire
Free Tibet by Highlight tribe (First time I've heard them was on a trans festival in Goa and it was simply amazing)

The technical bit:
HDR processing softwares: SNS-HDR Pro and Photomatix
Panning software: Panolapse www.panolapse360.com I didn't have a tracking device or moving head while traveling around so much, so it came very handy.
I did not use intervalometer, but I installed Magic lantern on my Canon.

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