20 August 2013

Yes, it will be heavy. But new muscles will grow :)

With just over a week to go the kit is almost ready now.  It is heavy but I have been walking with it every day and feel sure that in time new muscles will develop and living in a house will be be thing of the past for me.  Every piece of electrical kit you see here has batteries that can be re-charged using solar.


  1. Yippeeeee, so exciting :)
    Can't wait to read all about your travels, love you xxx

  2. Lens heating kit? For fighting condensation..?

    1. Hello! Not quite sure why google keeps deciding to send out this particular post to everyone, two years after posting it??? Still, happy to answer your question.... the heating strap goes around the lens and warms it to a sufficient temperature that condensation doesn't settle on it after during night time-lapses in a tropical climate. I had this problem in South Africa and it ruined a few good shots. Won't be having this problem again :)