16 December 2015

Chapters 7 & 8 - The week that changed my life in Northern Thailand

MTD#7 expected & unexpected rendezvous - the day I met the mother of my children
Moving Timelapse Diary #7 takes me out of Chiang Mai on a new adventure to Pai.  
On the bus ride I meet Sabrina and the course of my life is changed forever.  
In Pai I say hello to my friend old Dominika who introduces me to the wonderful way of life there.
The next day I head off into the mountains to find a giant white Buddha 
but instead I find so much more...

MTD#8 Pai & conquering my fear of driving scooters in Thailand
Moving Timelapse Diary #8 is set in and around the tranquil region of Pai.
This week I confront my fear of driving scooters
and finally get to grips with this essential Asian mode of transport.
We make the most of our new wheels and drive to Pangbok waterfalls,
one of the most stunning & energetic places I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

26 November 2015

Chapters 5 & 6 - Chiang Mai & the herbal supplement adventures

Chapter 5 introduces us to the Warm With Love House and to the most beautiful city I have ever lived in, Chiang Mai.  This one was much more complicated to edit than previous episodes due to the huge amount of photographs I had to choose from to create the time-lapse sequence in the middle of the film.  I was in Thailand to work for Heston's herbal supplement company and my first job was to create logos for the eight products. Using ink in water, incense smoke, fire poi & sparklers, we had a bunch of fun playing with ideas.

This little film is a clip from MTD#5, the time-lapse sequence I mentioned.

After the logos were complete we started shooting the product description films, which took me to many beautiful farms around the country.

Chapter 6 continues my exploration of Chiang Mai & takes a look at some of the other projects I was working on that month.  From new born kittens to crazy tuk tuk rides to the kind of places you wouldn't take your mother to...  then to my After Effects computer wizardry, a crazy time-lapse countdown sequence (using cress, ice & dancing capsules) and finally a little respect for those who try in their own way to improve the lives of other people.

4 November 2015

Chapter 4 Barcelona to Gandesa - the lesson of the almond harvesting house

Chapter 4 of Moving Timelapse Diary takes us from Barcelona to Gandesa where we continue our quest for awesome time-lapse & things worth getting excited about.  And my dream of becoming an almond farmer takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

I also focus on explaining the Law of Attraction in this episode.  Something I feel to be at the very core of my new & exciting life :)

It should be noted that I did not shoot all the time-lapse & hyper-lapse myself.  Many of the shots in this film were created by Dominika Martincova.  And one of the shots was created by Francisco Queral Miro (Franc), who received a few time-lapse lessons from me while we were living in his house.

26 October 2015

Moving Timelapse Dairy - Chapters 2 & 3

After the success of Chapter 1, it has been my great pleasure to edit on through all the old footage and continue creating films.  I have been advised by various people (including my Youtube agent) that 10 minute episodes are more suitable for the short attention spans of the general public.  I have accepted my position now and created the 10 minute format as you will see in the films below.  

However, it is curious to me that a large percentage of the world are able to sit through an hour of Game of Thrones, indulging in mindless killing and nudity, but struggle with 20 minutes of optimism & creativity.  Whatever does this say about us humans? 

I am going to do a one hour special for the chapter when I stumble upon a zombie nudist colony with my machine gun, and make a time-lapse film of the massacre  :)

Chapters 2 & 3 take us from the Spanish wilderness to Pamplona and finally on to Barcelona, where we settle for a month and shoot a whole bunch of nudity free time-lapse. Though I do take my top off!

19 October 2015

The Rise of Moving Timelapse

It has been a fantastic first week for Chapter 1 of the Moving Timelapse Diary series. Two years ago I posted a longer edit of the same diary footage and when I deleted the video from Youtube last week Chapter 1 had received a grand total of 56 views. That's about 2 people per month.

So, I told myself that if over 100 people watched the new edit of Chapter 1 in the first week, I would continue re-editing & uploading the films.

And today, one week after posting the new edit, I am stunned to see that almost 2000 people have watched it across the various platforms.

It has had news coverage in the States, from Right This Minute in Phoenix, Arizona who turned it into a great advert for us.  See the news piece here...

It has had it's own page created on a website of growing popularity, What We See, run by an old friend of mine.  

 the new page here

I had a featured article with Honest Mum (one of the leading parenting and lifestyle bloggers) who runs a monthly post about us dads called Who’s the Daddy.  My article was entitled: Joy First, Money Later – A Modern Education By Filmmaker Samuel Stonehill.  Honest Mum tells me it has had a 'crazy amount of views', so that sounds good.  You can read it here.

The Free Thought Project featured my Moving Timelapse Mantra film on their facebook page which was very lovely of them.  This week alone I can see that it has been viewed by over 4,000 people there.  And I should probably mention that Right This Minute also featured a piece on the film too.  I love their catchy title you can see here below!  

Watch the news piece here.

All in all, things are looking pretty positive for Moving Timelapse right now.  The subscribers are rolling in across the board and every day there are a growing number of comments like this one... 

Found your video on LiveLeak and knew I had to come subscribe to your youtube channel. I've been contemplating quitting my job and taking a journey similar to yours ever since I went on a 7 day hiking trip through Colorado. Seeing you making it possible for yourself inspires me to continue preparing for a long journey in the not so distant future.

So I am super pleased that my work is having the desired effect!  It is true that the quality of my audience should be more important than the quantity, but that being said if I am going to make a living by filming my life and putting it on the internet (which is firmly what I intend!) then the numbers are important.  The more the better!  My Youtube 'agent' has observed the numbers growing since I signed with them two months ago and today we are having a meeting to discuss the ongoing expansion on Moving Timelapse.

I know I have said this a few times now but I feel like it's important...  Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped me along the way! 

10 October 2015

Moving Timelapse Diary - Chapter 1, every camino has a beginning

I have been shooting a video diary with my Gopro since the day I said goodbye to my London life and set out on a barefoot journey of international discovery and time-lapse inspired adventures.

Chapter 1 tells the story of how it all began.  From my film making days in London to a life on the road.  Beginning with the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route across northern Spain, which I walked with my friend & fellow time-lapse enthusiast Dominika Martincova. 

Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped me on this journey.

29 September 2015

The Blood Moon - What does it mean?

We arrived back in Vinca just in the nick of time to catch the rare conjunction of a super moon with a blood moon.  It is known as a super moon because it is at it's closest point (perigree) to the earth in its elliptical orbit, so it appears up to 14% bigger & brighter in the sky.  

It is a blood moon because the earth passes for a few hours between the moon and the sun, creating a total lunar eclipse and the infamous red colour due to the diffraction of sunlight through the earth's atmosphere.

September 28th marked the fourth and final eclipse in a series of four total lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad.  This particular tetrad had a solar eclipse in the middle and is causing a bit of a stir with some religious folk because each of the five eclipses falls on a Jewish festival.  The last time this happened was in 1948, which was the date of the Palestine war, known in Hebrew as The War of Independence or the War of Liberation.  Others are quoting the bible in their summary of this event, particularly the book of Acts 2:20 in which it says 'The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come.' 

So, will this tetrad bring with it another historical event?  Only time will tell.

What we do know for sure is that total eclipses of super moons are very rare. According to NASA, they have occurred only 8 times in the last 2000 years.  I say let us simply be grateful to have witnessed one!  And if like most people you had a job to go to on that cold Monday morning and didn't fancy standing in a damp field waiting for the clouds to clear, you can always watch the film I made instead, The Blood Moon.

Or you can wait till the next one in 2033 :)

5 August 2015

The Moving Timelapse Mantra

This is my Moving Timelapse Mantra, a collection of my best time-lapse work and my thoughts on the subject of creativity & the way I choose to live my life.  

This film was shot using a custom-built motion control system, Canon 5D MKII, Gopro & DJI Phantom quadcopter in UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Thailand, Zambia & South Africa.

If you have any suggestions for awesome time-lapse locations I would love to hear about them!

And if you have any questions regarding my words or anything else at all, it will be my pleasure to answer them for you.

Now get out there and follow your creativity :) 

26 July 2015

12 June 2015