26 November 2015

Chapters 5 & 6 - Chiang Mai & the herbal supplement adventures

Chapter 5 introduces us to the Warm With Love House and to the most beautiful city I have ever lived in, Chiang Mai.  This one was much more complicated to edit than previous episodes due to the huge amount of photographs I had to choose from to create the time-lapse sequence in the middle of the film.  I was in Thailand to work for Heston's herbal supplement company and my first job was to create logos for the eight products. Using ink in water, incense smoke, fire poi & sparklers, we had a bunch of fun playing with ideas.

This little film is a clip from MTD#5, the time-lapse sequence I mentioned.

After the logos were complete we started shooting the product description films, which took me to many beautiful farms around the country.

Chapter 6 continues my exploration of Chiang Mai & takes a look at some of the other projects I was working on that month.  From new born kittens to crazy tuk tuk rides to the kind of places you wouldn't take your mother to...  then to my After Effects computer wizardry, a crazy time-lapse countdown sequence (using cress, ice & dancing capsules) and finally a little respect for those who try in their own way to improve the lives of other people.


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