16 December 2015

Chapters 7 & 8 - The week that changed my life in Northern Thailand

MTD#7 expected & unexpected rendezvous - the day I met the mother of my children
Moving Timelapse Diary #7 takes me out of Chiang Mai on a new adventure to Pai.  
On the bus ride I meet Sabrina and the course of my life is changed forever.  
In Pai I say hello to my friend old Dominika who introduces me to the wonderful way of life there.
The next day I head off into the mountains to find a giant white Buddha 
but instead I find so much more...

MTD#8 Pai & conquering my fear of driving scooters in Thailand
Moving Timelapse Diary #8 is set in and around the tranquil region of Pai.
This week I confront my fear of driving scooters
and finally get to grips with this essential Asian mode of transport.
We make the most of our new wheels and drive to Pangbok waterfalls,
one of the most stunning & energetic places I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

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