8 June 2016

My 40th Birthday on the Gili Islands

My little family & I recently spent 4 days on the Gili Islands to celebrate my 40th Birthday (23rd May).  These 3 islands off the coast of Lombok are very small and have no cars or motorbikes...only bicycles & horse drawn carts.  My kind of place!  Here you can see the three of us catching the sunrise together.

On the morning of my fifth decade in this physical body I felt slightly different as I performed my usual sun-gazing routine.  And a poem came to me.  Then a whole bunch of enthusiasm and fun... thankfully I took with me my fire-staff, my time-lapse kit, my drone (DJI Inspire 1), my Gopro and my Canon DSLR....  I didn't have a waterproof cover for my Gopro but was able to manifest this easily enough once I was on the beach :)

The energy of my experience there was still so strong upon my return to 'home' in Bali, I simply had to sit down and edit my footage and feelings into a short film immediately.  And this is the result.

After making this film I remembered how much I want to help others learn about the Law of Attraction.  So, I have now updated the how to travel the world forever like us page and my firm intention is that my focused energy here will help others achieve their dreams.

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