26 July 2016

Join me in changing the world by publicly fixing your eyesight the natural way - and never wear glasses or contacts again!

This is a very important post because I am for the first time making a direct appeal to all of you, my wonderful friends & family out there who take the time to watch these films.  


I have been short-sighted ever since the age of 7. Now that I am 40 years old I have decided it is time to fix my eyes the natural way. There is concrete evidence of people doing this all over the world and the only reason why 'the professionals' tells you this isn't possible is because they would suddenly be unable to sell you glasses, contact lenses & laser surgery if this information was common knowledge. 

So my friends, are you ready to join me in the most important 60 day challenge of your life? 
All you have to do is go to see your optician (to have your eyes tested ascertaining your exact prescription before and after the 60 days, filming everything along the way.

So the proof will be in the pudding as they say...

The eye exercises are simple and won't take more than ten mins a day. 

They were created by a small group of Tibetan Monks (after a period of mediation) 
to be the most effective way to cure defective vision.

There is no higher calling than to help other people.
And together we are stronger!
Please message me here, or email me privately if you want to be a part of this 
exciting opportunity to change the world as a team: samuelstonehill@aol.co.uk

Launched on Steemit https://steemit.com/@samstonehill an exciting new platform that uses cryptocurrency (Steem Power) and an ingenious system that permits the user to earn substantially more than we can on Youtube in a way that will soon change the way we look at social media posting. Now you can get paid for simply posting pictures or even just upvoting something that later becomes popular. 

Keep following my films to learn more about Steem Power....

19 July 2016

My (somewhat unconventional) Morning Routine - #11 of Sammy's Simple Solutions

I particularly like this episode because it covers so much information and creating a positive morning routine really can change your entire day.  Trust me.  I speak from experience.  My morning routine is unconventional, yet very effective for me.  

I am not suggesting that we should all have the same routine.  But from watching this, you will be able to see what works for me and use this information to create that which works for you...

12 July 2016

Time-lapse & drone show-reel 2016

I was asked a few weeks ago to create a show-reel for a potential client, so spent one afternoon cutting this together.  While digging through my shots I became aware that I have over 500 awesome drone & time-lapse shots to choose from after my 3 years on the road. 

So, since completing this little film I have embarked on the edit of a much more complex reel, highlighting a larger percentage of my extensive international library and ultimately presenting the best of my time-lapse & drone shots in a more creative manner.

It had not occurred to me until now that having a strong show-reel will lead me to doing more of what I love... and I get paid for it too :)

So, look out for the new edit coming soon...

Thanks to Epidemic Sound for the music.

And thanks to all those who help me along the way :)

10 July 2016

The growth of Sammy's Simple Solutions

It appears that my new informational 'bite sized' series is actually more appealing to people than my time-lapse films or video diary chapters.  So, I am going to continue posting them here in my main blog, despite the series having it's own page on this site.  I was most surprised to see that Part 6, in which I discuss the benefits of looking at the sun received over 1,600 views on Youtube and over 3000 views on Liveleak in just 48 hours.  And I had 170 comments to read through on Liveleak.  Most of them concerned for my mental and physical health however! 

I don't respond to everyone but I will always do my best to respond to those who appear interested to learn more.

So, here are Parts 4 through to 7 and I look forward now to producing many more....

Enjoy :)