10 July 2016

The growth of Sammy's Simple Solutions

It appears that my new informational 'bite sized' series is actually more appealing to people than my time-lapse films or video diary chapters.  So, I am going to continue posting them here in my main blog, despite the series having it's own page on this site.  I was most surprised to see that Part 6, in which I discuss the benefits of looking at the sun received over 1,600 views on Youtube and over 3000 views on Liveleak in just 48 hours.  And I had 170 comments to read through on Liveleak.  Most of them concerned for my mental and physical health however! 

I don't respond to everyone but I will always do my best to respond to those who appear interested to learn more.

So, here are Parts 4 through to 7 and I look forward now to producing many more....

Enjoy :)




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