12 July 2016

Time-lapse & drone show-reel 2016

I was asked a few weeks ago to create a show-reel for a potential client, so spent one afternoon cutting this together.  While digging through my shots I became aware that I have over 500 awesome drone & time-lapse shots to choose from after my 3 years on the road. 

So, since completing this little film I have embarked on the edit of a much more complex reel, highlighting a larger percentage of my extensive international library and ultimately presenting the best of my time-lapse & drone shots in a more creative manner.

It had not occurred to me until now that having a strong show-reel will lead me to doing more of what I love... and I get paid for it too :)

So, look out for the new edit coming soon...

Thanks to Epidemic Sound for the music.

And thanks to all those who help me along the way :)


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