29 August 2016

Natural Vision Correction in one simple playlist! And some important info on Steemit - a new cryptocurrency platform

Following this playlist will be the simplest way for you to correct your vision and throw those glasses and contact lenses away forever.

Let go of everything you think you know about your eyes.

And trust that no harm will come to them by following my meditation techniques & eye exercises.

Skip the first film if you're not interested in joining my group.

You may have noticed that I now include a Steemit logo on all my films.  This is to encourage you to become a part of this exciting new platform.  It has changed the way our current social media system works because it offers the chance to earn money simply by posting your stuff or even giving someone a 'thumbs up'.  I know it sounds impossible but I can assure you it is real and looks set to revolutionise the current system using cryptocurrency - a digital currency unaffected by the banking sharks!

I will post more on this soon, but for now you can check it out here:

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