4 September 2016

Steemit is the FUTURE of social media because now you can earn money from your posts - All aboard the cryptocurrency evolution bandwagon!

My journey always leeds me to exactly where I need to be.  Some say I am just lucky but I believe it is more than just luck.

This time I have enjoyed a chance encounter with a man who chooses to remain anonymous, but to put it in a nutshell he has introduced me to a way of making more money than I ever dreamed possible simply by doing what I love: Maintaining my creative output and sharing it on the internet.

Steemit is the name of the completely new platform I am using now (similar to Reddit) and wow....  after just 2 weeks of posting a few things there it has already made me more money than an entire year of shooting & uploading films to Youtube.

I have just posted a beautiful collection of pictures on Steemit showing where I have been living for the last 7 months, south of Ubud in central Bali.  
I know you will all enjoy seeing these, for this is unquestionably the most beautiful place I have ever had the pleasure of calling my home and it has been a total joy to continue my pursuit of capturing the essence of a place through my HDR photographic images & motion control time-lapses. Photography can never truly take the place of reality but I do believe that my photographs take you that little bit further into the experience of actually being there :)
There are still three plots available to buy here! So, if you are ready to say goodbye to the rat race and live in paradise... well, you better message me quick, and I will get back to you with prices & further info :)
And while you are on my Steemit page, make sure click the 'sign up' button at the bottom and set up an account there. Seriously guys, I cannot stress enough how completely awesome this is! Even by giving me a thumbs up, you can earn money if my post becomes popular. So what do you have to lose? JOIN THIS GAME NOW PEOPLE if you want to make money by helping me make money!  Because when I rise, you will rise with me :)
Click this link below to see my full collection of pictures & descriptions from the very special place I am proud to call my home, Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood:

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