6 September 2016

The age of Cryptocurrency & the rise of Steemit, a social media platform where you earn from your posts & up-votes!

I am no expert on the global economy but I do have access to the internet, even here on the edge of a jungle in Bali and it is clear to see (for anyone who chooses to research this subject) that a monetary system (r)evolution is currently taking place on this planet.

For a long time Fiat Currency has ruled dominant...

...but even a child can understand that when you blow up a balloon enough, eventually it pops and they cannot keep printing money forever to prop up a crumbling system.

There are those of us who accept that which is and do our best to exist within the confines of these rules and regulations and there are those of us who do not accept that which is and push further in search of solutions.

Amusingly, it is the same gaming obsessed children (created as a side effect of the intentional push towards the 'dumbing down' our society in general) who have tired of killing zombies and turned their attention to understanding the code that makes it all work... to re-writing this code ...to playing with those who think they control the code ...to creating a system that seeks overthrow the old.  There are new zombies to kill now, so to speak!

Bitcoin has been around much longer than Steem and is clearly the forerunner for cryptocurrency.  Let's take a quick look at the Bitcoin value against the US dollar from around 2013 to present day:

You can clearly see the moment it went viral, spiking in value dramatically, after which it dropped slowly before building back up slowly... and appears to be still on the up.  The powers that be don't like cryprocurrency not only because it is open-source software (meaning that I could create Sammy Coin tomorrow if I felt so inclined) but because it threatens to tip the balance of power.  Rothschild is often quoted as having said "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws", so you can see the growing problem from the perspective of the banks.

Or perhaps you can't?  This is a big subject and it is by no means simple to understand or even accept as truth.  The education system brainwashes us into a way of thinking that is not easy to break away from.  My father was a millionaire back in 50s & 60s as the first man to grow tobacco in the Philippines.  He taught me about capitalism and he taught me that the definition of success is money, power & status.

I have spent many years re-educating myself about a world I once thought I understood and for a time I felt pretty angry.  I felt as if I had been lied to by the system.  I paid a lot of tax in my early days as a film runner and despite the horror of 9/11 it seemed clear to me that a military invasion was not the answer.  I even marched on the streets of London in protest against it.  Yet still my money was spent on a war... a war designed around maximising profit for those at the top of the pyramid.  And who was prosecuted when no weapons of mass destruction were found?  Ah yes, no one... and yet we still believe we live in a democracy!

So, after my period of 'awakening' in London I finally stopped pushing against it and started looking for the solutions.  I discovered many things, the most important of which was this: the mainstream media system is very well designed at controlling the way we think.

And in the case of crytocurrency there is much mainstream media out there making a mockery of it.  I have numerous intelligent friends, they are business naturals - the movers & shakers who could sell ice to the eskimos, yet they cannot see the future of a cryptocurrency system, because the mainstream media (controlled by the banks) continues to paint a most persuasive, yet incomplete picture.

I have been on the road for 3 years now, no home except the earth under my feet.
And I have learned much from this road.

I currently live in an eco community in Bali, just south of Ubud and had a chance encounter recently with one of those ex-zombie-killing kids who has turned his tech savvy towards understanding how best to save the planet.  He was the first to explain cryptocurrency to me in a simply, understandable way:  We no longer need bank accounts, we become anonymous (to the system), we do not need to be charged for transfers or breaking the banking rules, we are unaffected by the steady & inevitable decline of the global economy and we are no longer contributing our hard earned money to the powers who seek only to control us as tax-paying slaves.

My new friend excitedly told me about Steem and the platform Steemit which any fool can see is going to change the way we look at social media forever.  I mean, get paid for your posts or don't get paid for your posts?  Hmmm, let me think about that one for a minute...

Let's take a quick look at the value of Steem against US dollar and Bitcoin over the last three months:

Comparing it to the previous Bitcoin/US dollar chart you can see the same dramatic spike in value as it goes viral and then the same drop, following the spike.   Like I said, I'm no economist, but what I can see here is that Steem has followed the same pattern as Bitcoin so far.  It has bottomed out after its initial spike and now it would be logical to assume that it is going to rise back up, just like Bitcoin.

Here in Ubud (central Bali) more and more companies are starting to accept Bitcoin...mobile phone credit, hotels & organic food delivery services...

So my fellow Steemers, we are in this game at the right time!  The current value of a Steem dollar is around $0.80 US.

The only question remains....

What will it be worth three years from now?

With more and more people waking up to this reality every day and converting their fiat currency into Steem, the value will continue to rise.  So I would say the future is looking good for us!

But the way I see it, our job now is to get this information out to as many people as we can.
This is not just about earning money through posting and upvoting, this is about the re-education of the masses.  Which is why this article will be going out on all my social media & video sites!

Blessings to you all and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this article :)



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