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The Family Biography - by Esteban Stonehill

My name is Esteban Harry Stonehill.  I was born on the 17th April 2015 in the South of France.  Mummy speaks French to me and daddy speaks English, so it can be a little confusing sometimes but I do love the way they smile when they look at me.  They take a picture of me every day for something called a time-lapse film.  I don't understand exactly what it is yet, but I think I will one day.  They say I am going to grow up travelling the world with them.  I don't mind where we live, as long as I am with mummy & daddy.

Likes:  Mummy's boob & daddy's little finger.
Dislikes:  Waiting for mummy's boob.

Samuel Stonehill
Daddy used to be a magician when he was a little boy. After that he worked in the film industry and now he likes to make time-lapse films.  He says he is going to teach me how to use my intuition and creativity to live an amazing life.  

Apparently lots of people have these things called jobs that they don't really want to do, but they do them anyway, just to get this stuff called money.  Daddy says that planet earth needs our help and that the best way for us to do that is to be an example to other people.  He says that there is a kind of magic that is real and that one day he is going to teach me how to do it.  He likes to spin a stick around his body and he likes to look at the sun.  Lots of people think daddy is a bit mad.  But I like him.

Likes:  Anything creative & being outside.
Dislikes:  The necessity for sleep & wearing shoes.

Sabrina Stonehill
Mummy used to do lots of different jobs when she was younger.  She says she changed jobs with the seasons.  She used to enjoy dancing with lots of people in fields.  And I think she liked doing that much more than she liked doing her jobs, because she would drive all over France looking for beautiful places to dance.  

It must be amazing to have fun in nature! 

Mummy is going to teach me about something called Bacha Mama when I grow up.  She says that her and daddy feel the same way about the world and that the three of us are going to explore it as a family.  

I am looking forward to seeing elephants :)

Likes:  Dancing in fields.
Dislikes: Staying in one place for too long.

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