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To understand the Law of Attraction one must first understand that we live in a 'vibrational universe'.  If you look closely enough at any thing you can think of, what it always boils down to is a bunch of vibrating atoms.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

The law of nature states that everything has a vibration.  If you've ever taken a chemistry class you'll probably remember learning about atoms, and that everything is made up of atoms.  These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appear as a solid, liquid or gas.  Sound is also a vibration and most importantly, so are thoughts.

Now that we have this established, the next thing to understand is that in this 'vibrational universe' like attracts like.  So, like a magnet, atoms vibrating at a particular frequency will pull other atoms of a matching frequency towards themselves.  And just like a magnet if the polarities are reversed they also have the capacity to repel, but for now we are just going to focus on the attraction aspect of this phenomenon 

Quantum physics has in recent years broken down the barrier between one 'thing' and another, proving that all atoms are in fact connected in a way that cannot be explained with traditional physics.   As far back as 1935 Albert Einstein and his co-workers discovered 'quantum entanglement' lurking in the equations of quantum mechanics.  This lead to the EPR paradox introduced by Einstein, Poldolsky and Rosen.  The EPR paradox stated that the only ways of explaining the effects of 'quantum entanglement' was to assume the universe is non-local, or that the true basis of physics is hidden from us.  What non-locality means in this case is that events occurring to entangled atoms are linked even when the events cannot communicate through space-time, space-time having the speed of light as a limiting velocity. 

This discovery troubled Einstein deeply for he was unable to explain it and ultimately went to his grave without a clear answer.  Since then however, many experiments have been conducted to prove the validity of 'quantum entanglement'.  Once two atoms have come into contact with each other they are forever 'entangled'.  So no matter if you are a subscriber to the 'big bang theory' or not, given the infinitely expanding nature of the Universe, all atoms must have at one time already come into contact with one another.  Therefore, everything in this physical Universe is connected in a non-physical, non-local way.  

So, our thoughts also create a vibration.  And that vibration is evidently connected to atoms of a similar vibration.  What this means is that our thoughts are always reaching out into the non-physical world, attracting a match that will ultimately manifest as a physical event or object.

Even Buddha acknowledged this with his simple statement, 
'What we think, we become.'

     Coming back to me and my own personal experience with the Law of Attraction, I first came across it in a South African rehab clinic in 2011I was at a difficult point in my life and could not help but feel like there was still something missing.  I even wrote a song at the time entitled 'There's something missing'.  I felt it deep down but could not explain it.  I had plenty of money, I had great friends, I had a consistent job, a perfect London home, a young beautiful fiancĂ©e, a wonderfully fluffy cat and a promising career ladder ahead of me... and yet I still I was not feeling the happiness that I had always imagined I would.  

So I chose to go to rehab firstly because I wanted to find true happiness... and secondly because I was very much aware of my addictive personality & growing collection of bad habits.  I smoked a lot of weed at the time and cocaine was regularly in the picture too.  After the death of my father back in 2001 my life took a rather unexpected turn and I started producing films for Playboy UK, mostly just to distract myself from the pain & sadness I was feeling.  I did this for over ten years... and wondered if perhaps this too could be something to do with the nagging feeling of discord.

I spent four months talking to my South African counselor, digging deep into my past.  We worked hard at understanding what it was that motivated me to do the things I didWhilst there, we watched a documentary based on the wonderful book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and although it was very American (and a little bit cheesy for my taste), the logic seemed sound.  They referred to countless people throughout history who had been using this law to get exactly what they wanted in life.  The subject greatly interested me and after further research I found that there were numerous books describing the same phenomenon, some of which had been written a very long time ago.  Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill was one in particular that had apparently helped many top businessmen to build their empires.  
So I was now fully aware of this 'law of the universe' but found it very hard to control my thoughts to the point where I was intentionally manifesting the good stuff.   My months of counseling revealed that I had developed a very negative way of thinking, filled with guilt and fear, usually focused on the past and future, rarely in the 'now'.  I had developed an automatic pattern of thought that kicked into action when anything went wrong in my life.  I was always blaming it on a person or event, which I believed to be beyond my control and I would dwell on these negative feelings sometimes for months at a time.  In reality, we are ALWAYS responsible for the thoughts we choose to think and no external event should alter that.  Changing the habit of a lifetime however is no easy thing and in truth, I was not able to consciously manifest for at least another year or two. However, this was most certainly the beginning....

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle was another book that really helped with with this problem.  Through meditation, the practice of a daily spiritual program and a concerted effort to observe my thoughts, I was able to see the automatic negative patterns from outside of myself and for the first time I was able to stop myself and say 'No I don't want to think about this negative thing anymore... I choose a thought that makes me feel good instead!'   Easier said than done in the heat of the moment I can tell you.

Almost immediately, I started seeing the results in the form of unusual amounts of good luck coming my way, and new people who would suddenly appear in my life, leading me down paths that always furthered my understanding of that which I sought to understand.

    One of the key things to remember about manifesting is that it never comes about in the way you expect.  So, let's say you want a new bicycle, rather than save the money and buy it, all you have to do is picture yourself riding that new bicycle already, creating the correct vibration to attract that reality into your experience and in time something unexpected will happen.  For example, you may meet someone at a party who tells you they are leaving the country in a few days and they would like to give you their bike because they have been unable to sell it.  But if you think to yourself, 'I hate not having a bicycle...oh, if only I could have one!' this is actually creating the opposite vibration and with such thoughts, saving and paying for it becomes your only optionSimply put, if you believe that working hard, saving the money and buying it is your only option, then this becomes your reality.

So, I started consciously projecting my mind into the future, experiencing all the things I wanted as though I already had them, and low and behold, they would manifest in some way that I couldn't have possibly predicted.  I learned too it was important that once the desire had been established and meditated upon to 'let go' of it and simply get on with enjoying life again.  The more you think, 'why hasn't it happened yet?' or 'this is madness and life just doesn't work this way!' the less likely you are to manifest what you want.

I remember well my beautiful sungazing mornings in South London back in 2012, always focusing on the feeling of having the perfect female traveling partner and the perfect traveling life… and it took less than six months for that reality to physically manifest in my life.  Along with a scenario that literally forced me to leave my old life behind and set out on a journey of international adventure with everything I owned on my back.  And no shoes on my feet!  Something I had been putting off for as long as I can remember.

Sabrina (the perfect partner I manifested in Thailand) was understandably a little skeptical at first of my excited rantings about the Law of Attraction, so I asked her to choose any object she could think of, preferably a rare object that you don't see very often.  At the time we were in West London and we noticed all the beautiful (and noisy!) green birds flying overhead, so Sabrina decided that she wanted one of their green feathers to add to her collection.  We searched in vain for many days around the area and eventually concluded that parakeets don’t lose their feathers very often!  

So, we sat down on the grass and spent half an hour visualizing our green feather, bathing in the glorious feeling of having already found it…and then we gave thanks and moved on, in the knowledge that it would be presented to us in due course.  A year later after forgetting all about the green feather experiment I spotted a feather that had floated onto our balcony in the South of France.  I noticed that it had a small green tinge to it when held in sunlight at exactly the right angle.  We both laughed and joked with the universe that it was close but not close enough to convince us!  A month later we were at the Shambala Festival in the UK, and one morning my sister and I went to a laughing yoga workshop... 
When I was so tired from laughing, I felt as if I needed a break and went outside to stand alone in a field to catch my breath... and what do I see under my feet? A beautiful little peacock feather attached to an earring.  There was much more green in this one than the previous feather from France, but we both still agreed that this was not what we had requested and got back on with enjoying ourselves.  However, unknown to us, the fact that this feather contained even more green than the last one had changed our vibration.  We started to believe and experience the feeling of having it already...

One week later we were at a friend's house and I offered to mow her very large and lovely lawn... and what should I find in my lawn-mowing path but a perfectly green parakeet feather!  As green as green can be.  Exactly what we requested, which was weird as it blended in with the grass very well, yet still I saw it there, waiting to connect with me.  

I have kept all three feathers as a reminder of how we must never give up on the things we believe.  No matter how big or small, the universe will find a way to match your (vibrational) request if you remain patient and practice from time to time the feeling of having found the thing already.  That is why after a year of finding no green feathers (because we forgot all about it!) the correct vibration was only achieved after finding something that slightly resembled the desired thing, helping us focus upon the feeling that we did in fact already have what we were looking for.  Once that feeling was confirmed & reinforced a second time (with the even more green peacock feather) it strengthened the vibration we desired and no more than a week later we had exactly the thing we were looking for.

So, the world really is our oyster and we really can have anything we want from it.  The problem for me is knowing exactly what it is I want.  I feel very content with my current life and I am consequently unsure about what 'requests' to make.  Three years ago, however, trapped in the soul-destroying 9-5 London life, I sent out a very specific request that I wanted to travel the world endlessly whilst making the kind of films that brought me happiness.  I had been very specific with my vibration, 'requesting' a like-minded brunette European woman with whom I could further my knowledge of myself and start a family.  And there can be no doubt that despite setting out from the UK with no money and all my possessions on my back, this is exactly what I have now.  

One must be specific with the Universe.  Don't forget this!  And feel your way into that which brings you the most happiness.  Do this in silence and spend as much time as you can getting to know your mind... 

Please remember that if you start to use this law in your life and nothing changes, or worse still, further events that you perceive as 'negative' continue to manifest, it is not your fault!  This is not necessarily of your creation.  Trust that the Universe knows what it is doing and go with the flow.  Remind yourself that it will not happen the way you expect and that sometimes we must go through difficult times to see the beauty of the light on the other side.  I can think of countless events in my life which I perceived as negative at the time and couldn't understand why these things were happening to me when I was trying so hard to visualise my perfect future.  However without these events I would not be where I am today and now I feel nothing but gratitude for them.

The danger is that one can go into a vibrational downward spiral if one is trying to manifest without seeing the results straight away.  And when something 'bad' happens one may even blame themselves for having manifested it, consequently drawing into their experience further negative events.  But this is simply not the case.  If the Law is being used in the correct way, it will come to you in time.  And when you really start to boil it down, you see that there is no such thing as a 'good' or 'bad' event.  There are just events, every one teaching us lessons.  Our perception of these events is what creates our ongoing manifesting.  Even death is no big deal when you understand that the soul is eternal and we return to this physical time-space over and over, always evolving, always learning.  There is no hurry and you never reach the 'end' because when you get to where you wanted to be, new desires are always born out of your new perspective.

    So, just to re-cap:  
Establish your desire, create a vibrational match to your desire by feeling like you have it already...  and then let it go.  That being said, it isn't a bad idea to come back to your perfect future 'fantasy' every now and then.  But always remember, the universe and your soul are intimately connected...and they know what is best for you.  With this in mind, practice acceptance every day knowing that each event is simply a lesson - even death!   Perpetually leading you to the place you seek in your vibrational core.

Focus always on your gratitude for that which you have, not upon that which you don't have, in the knowledge that you are already equipped with the most advanced tool on this planet to get everything you want in life:  
Your mind.

I receive daily quotes from Abraham Hicks, consistently reminding myself of the this most important law of attraction and I try to read the quotes in the morning when my mind is still free from the 'junk' that tends to fill it up as the day goes along.  Here is the link for those who wish to sign up for the daily quotes - which I highly recommend! 

I also receive daily quotes from the writings of Krishnamurti, and similarly I find these to be enormously helpful in progressing my ability to look deeply into things.

'It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society' - Krishnamurti
Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  You can message me below or write to me directly at 

Love & Light to you all :)



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  2. Sam, I am exactly the same as you, I love time lapse and I love to travel, I have been trying to make a living out of time lapse for years but I'm stuck in a dead end job paying very little. You could say I have nothing to lose but travelling still takes money and I don't know how you are able to travel unless you have a good amount saved up.

    You were living in London so you must have had some money then because London is expensive, too expensive for me.

    Please answer how you are able to do this, it doesn't have to be a long answer but I am extremely curious.


    1. Many thanks for your words here. You are one of the first people to actually leave me a comment on this website. Let me know your email address and I will do my best to explain it to you :)

    2. Thanks for the reply is my email.

  3. Great site and thanks for the link you gave me on LL...I am 100% behind this premise of Laws of Attraction..As I stated in my comment to you, I have been using it for years; I am not a big traveling person so that isn't my wish for the universe...Being an Aries I have grander plans...To give a few examples of how powerful the Laws of Attraction are...I have controlled weather systems, I clear the roads of traffic; even when I hear differently on the news...The wish I have been working on for years is for the PTB to be dismantled and freedom, health and peace comes to we humans...We deserve it...~eye roll~ Not asking too much eh?

    Anytime you want to rap, reach out...:)...Namaskar!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us here. It is such a pleasure to interact with others who understand and I am excited to try out controlling weather systems now!

      And thank you too for reminding me that the world does not revolve around me! So I will join you now in focusing my manifestation skills towards the health and peace of all other humans. The Powers that be will fall in the end (history has shown us this time and time again) and out of the ashes will rise the phoenix. The new age has already begun and these are most exciting times we are living in now. How grateful I am for that!

      Let us keep in touch my friend.

      When the shit hits the fan you are most welcome to join my community, wherever that may be...