6 September 2016

The age of Cryptocurrency & the rise of Steemit, a social media platform where you earn from your posts & up-votes!

I am no expert on the global economy but I do have access to the internet, even here on the edge of a jungle in Bali and it is clear to see (for anyone who chooses to research this subject) that a monetary system (r)evolution is currently taking place on this planet.

For a long time Fiat Currency has ruled dominant...

...but even a child can understand that when you blow up a balloon enough, eventually it pops and they cannot keep printing money forever to prop up a crumbling system.

There are those of us who accept that which is and do our best to exist within the confines of these rules and regulations and there are those of us who do not accept that which is and push further in search of solutions.

Amusingly, it is the same gaming obsessed children (created as a side effect of the intentional push towards the 'dumbing down' our society in general) who have tired of killing zombies and turned their attention to understanding the code that makes it all work... to re-writing this code ...to playing with those who think they control the code ...to creating a system that seeks overthrow the old.  There are new zombies to kill now, so to speak!

Bitcoin has been around much longer than Steem and is clearly the forerunner for cryptocurrency.  Let's take a quick look at the Bitcoin value against the US dollar from around 2013 to present day:

You can clearly see the moment it went viral, spiking in value dramatically, after which it dropped slowly before building back up slowly... and appears to be still on the up.  The powers that be don't like cryprocurrency not only because it is open-source software (meaning that I could create Sammy Coin tomorrow if I felt so inclined) but because it threatens to tip the balance of power.  Rothschild is often quoted as having said "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws", so you can see the growing problem from the perspective of the banks.

Or perhaps you can't?  This is a big subject and it is by no means simple to understand or even accept as truth.  The education system brainwashes us into a way of thinking that is not easy to break away from.  My father was a millionaire back in 50s & 60s as the first man to grow tobacco in the Philippines.  He taught me about capitalism and he taught me that the definition of success is money, power & status.

I have spent many years re-educating myself about a world I once thought I understood and for a time I felt pretty angry.  I felt as if I had been lied to by the system.  I paid a lot of tax in my early days as a film runner and despite the horror of 9/11 it seemed clear to me that a military invasion was not the answer.  I even marched on the streets of London in protest against it.  Yet still my money was spent on a war... a war designed around maximising profit for those at the top of the pyramid.  And who was prosecuted when no weapons of mass destruction were found?  Ah yes, no one... and yet we still believe we live in a democracy!

So, after my period of 'awakening' in London I finally stopped pushing against it and started looking for the solutions.  I discovered many things, the most important of which was this: the mainstream media system is very well designed at controlling the way we think.

And in the case of crytocurrency there is much mainstream media out there making a mockery of it.  I have numerous intelligent friends, they are business naturals - the movers & shakers who could sell ice to the eskimos, yet they cannot see the future of a cryptocurrency system, because the mainstream media (controlled by the banks) continues to paint a most persuasive, yet incomplete picture.

I have been on the road for 3 years now, no home except the earth under my feet.
And I have learned much from this road.

I currently live in an eco community in Bali, just south of Ubud and had a chance encounter recently with one of those ex-zombie-killing kids who has turned his tech savvy towards understanding how best to save the planet.  He was the first to explain cryptocurrency to me in a simply, understandable way:  We no longer need bank accounts, we become anonymous (to the system), we do not need to be charged for transfers or breaking the banking rules, we are unaffected by the steady & inevitable decline of the global economy and we are no longer contributing our hard earned money to the powers who seek only to control us as tax-paying slaves.

My new friend excitedly told me about Steem and the platform Steemit which any fool can see is going to change the way we look at social media forever.  I mean, get paid for your posts or don't get paid for your posts?  Hmmm, let me think about that one for a minute...

Let's take a quick look at the value of Steem against US dollar and Bitcoin over the last three months:

Comparing it to the previous Bitcoin/US dollar chart you can see the same dramatic spike in value as it goes viral and then the same drop, following the spike.   Like I said, I'm no economist, but what I can see here is that Steem has followed the same pattern as Bitcoin so far.  It has bottomed out after its initial spike and now it would be logical to assume that it is going to rise back up, just like Bitcoin.

Here in Ubud (central Bali) more and more companies are starting to accept Bitcoin...mobile phone credit, hotels & organic food delivery services...

So my fellow Steemers, we are in this game at the right time!  The current value of a Steem dollar is around $0.80 US.

The only question remains....

What will it be worth three years from now?

With more and more people waking up to this reality every day and converting their fiat currency into Steem, the value will continue to rise.  So I would say the future is looking good for us!

But the way I see it, our job now is to get this information out to as many people as we can.
This is not just about earning money through posting and upvoting, this is about the re-education of the masses.  Which is why this article will be going out on all my social media & video sites!

Blessings to you all and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this article :)


4 September 2016

Steemit is the FUTURE of social media because now you can earn money from your posts - All aboard the cryptocurrency evolution bandwagon!

My journey always leeds me to exactly where I need to be.  Some say I am just lucky but I believe it is more than just luck.

This time I have enjoyed a chance encounter with a man who chooses to remain anonymous, but to put it in a nutshell he has introduced me to a way of making more money than I ever dreamed possible simply by doing what I love: Maintaining my creative output and sharing it on the internet.

Steemit is the name of the completely new platform I am using now (similar to Reddit) and wow....  after just 2 weeks of posting a few things there it has already made me more money than an entire year of shooting & uploading films to Youtube.

I have just posted a beautiful collection of pictures on Steemit showing where I have been living for the last 7 months, south of Ubud in central Bali.  
I know you will all enjoy seeing these, for this is unquestionably the most beautiful place I have ever had the pleasure of calling my home and it has been a total joy to continue my pursuit of capturing the essence of a place through my HDR photographic images & motion control time-lapses. Photography can never truly take the place of reality but I do believe that my photographs take you that little bit further into the experience of actually being there :)
There are still three plots available to buy here! So, if you are ready to say goodbye to the rat race and live in paradise... well, you better message me quick, and I will get back to you with prices & further info :)
And while you are on my Steemit page, make sure click the 'sign up' button at the bottom and set up an account there. Seriously guys, I cannot stress enough how completely awesome this is! Even by giving me a thumbs up, you can earn money if my post becomes popular. So what do you have to lose? JOIN THIS GAME NOW PEOPLE if you want to make money by helping me make money!  Because when I rise, you will rise with me :)
Click this link below to see my full collection of pictures & descriptions from the very special place I am proud to call my home, Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood:

29 August 2016

Natural Vision Correction in one simple playlist! And some important info on Steemit - a new cryptocurrency platform

Following this playlist will be the simplest way for you to correct your vision and throw those glasses and contact lenses away forever.

Let go of everything you think you know about your eyes.

And trust that no harm will come to them by following my meditation techniques & eye exercises.

Skip the first film if you're not interested in joining my group.

You may have noticed that I now include a Steemit logo on all my films.  This is to encourage you to become a part of this exciting new platform.  It has changed the way our current social media system works because it offers the chance to earn money simply by posting your stuff or even giving someone a 'thumbs up'.  I know it sounds impossible but I can assure you it is real and looks set to revolutionise the current system using cryptocurrency - a digital currency unaffected by the banking sharks!

I will post more on this soon, but for now you can check it out here:

26 July 2016

Join me in changing the world by publicly fixing your eyesight the natural way - and never wear glasses or contacts again!

This is a very important post because I am for the first time making a direct appeal to all of you, my wonderful friends & family out there who take the time to watch these films.  


I have been short-sighted ever since the age of 7. Now that I am 40 years old I have decided it is time to fix my eyes the natural way. There is concrete evidence of people doing this all over the world and the only reason why 'the professionals' tells you this isn't possible is because they would suddenly be unable to sell you glasses, contact lenses & laser surgery if this information was common knowledge. 

So my friends, are you ready to join me in the most important 60 day challenge of your life? 
All you have to do is go to see your optician (to have your eyes tested ascertaining your exact prescription before and after the 60 days, filming everything along the way.

So the proof will be in the pudding as they say...

The eye exercises are simple and won't take more than ten mins a day. 

They were created by a small group of Tibetan Monks (after a period of mediation) 
to be the most effective way to cure defective vision.

There is no higher calling than to help other people.
And together we are stronger!
Please message me here, or email me privately if you want to be a part of this 
exciting opportunity to change the world as a team: samuelstonehill@aol.co.uk

Launched on Steemit https://steemit.com/@samstonehill an exciting new platform that uses cryptocurrency (Steem Power) and an ingenious system that permits the user to earn substantially more than we can on Youtube in a way that will soon change the way we look at social media posting. Now you can get paid for simply posting pictures or even just upvoting something that later becomes popular. 

Keep following my films to learn more about Steem Power....

19 July 2016

My (somewhat unconventional) Morning Routine - #11 of Sammy's Simple Solutions

I particularly like this episode because it covers so much information and creating a positive morning routine really can change your entire day.  Trust me.  I speak from experience.  My morning routine is unconventional, yet very effective for me.  

I am not suggesting that we should all have the same routine.  But from watching this, you will be able to see what works for me and use this information to create that which works for you...

12 July 2016

Time-lapse & drone show-reel 2016

I was asked a few weeks ago to create a show-reel for a potential client, so spent one afternoon cutting this together.  While digging through my shots I became aware that I have over 500 awesome drone & time-lapse shots to choose from after my 3 years on the road. 

So, since completing this little film I have embarked on the edit of a much more complex reel, highlighting a larger percentage of my extensive international library and ultimately presenting the best of my time-lapse & drone shots in a more creative manner.

It had not occurred to me until now that having a strong show-reel will lead me to doing more of what I love... and I get paid for it too :)

So, look out for the new edit coming soon...

Thanks to Epidemic Sound for the music.

And thanks to all those who help me along the way :)

10 July 2016

The growth of Sammy's Simple Solutions

It appears that my new informational 'bite sized' series is actually more appealing to people than my time-lapse films or video diary chapters.  So, I am going to continue posting them here in my main blog, despite the series having it's own page on this site.  I was most surprised to see that Part 6, in which I discuss the benefits of looking at the sun received over 1,600 views on Youtube and over 3000 views on Liveleak in just 48 hours.  And I had 170 comments to read through on Liveleak.  Most of them concerned for my mental and physical health however! 

I don't respond to everyone but I will always do my best to respond to those who appear interested to learn more.

So, here are Parts 4 through to 7 and I look forward now to producing many more....

Enjoy :)




24 June 2016

Sammy's Simple Solutions

Whilst I absolutely love creating each new episode of my Moving Timelapse Diary, these take a least three days of dedicated editing and voice-over recording.  Some have taken me as long as a week to edit, as I simply have so much video footage & time-lapse to choose from.

After learning recently that the best way to build one's audience is to post regular films on Youtube, I knew exactly what I had to do.  For six months I enjoyed the feeling of knowing that this series was coming to me.  I have plenty of thoughts I would love to share with the world in simple, 'one take' video clips.  However, I didn't have any idea how in my busy schedule I would be able to fit this in.

But as is the way with the Law of Attraction, my moment has arrived in the form of an unexpected opportunity.  Sabrina & Esteban are away in France for five weeks leaving me completely undistracted to focus not only on my corporate work but also on shooting and editing at least 30 episodes of my new series in this period.  Each film takes no more than a few hours to shoot and edit. 

It is my intention to educate, inspire and entertain.   Please feel free to ask me any questions on the many varied subjects I will be discussing. 

So with out further ado, I present to you now the first three episodes of Sammy's Simple Solutions.

8 June 2016

My 40th Birthday on the Gili Islands

My little family & I recently spent 4 days on the Gili Islands to celebrate my 40th Birthday (23rd May).  These 3 islands off the coast of Lombok are very small and have no cars or motorbikes...only bicycles & horse drawn carts.  My kind of place!  Here you can see the three of us catching the sunrise together.

On the morning of my fifth decade in this physical body I felt slightly different as I performed my usual sun-gazing routine.  And a poem came to me.  Then a whole bunch of enthusiasm and fun... thankfully I took with me my fire-staff, my time-lapse kit, my drone (DJI Inspire 1), my Gopro and my Canon DSLR....  I didn't have a waterproof cover for my Gopro but was able to manifest this easily enough once I was on the beach :)

The energy of my experience there was still so strong upon my return to 'home' in Bali, I simply had to sit down and edit my footage and feelings into a short film immediately.  And this is the result.

After making this film I remembered how much I want to help others learn about the Law of Attraction.  So, I have now updated the how to travel the world forever like us page and my firm intention is that my focused energy here will help others achieve their dreams.

29 April 2016

Chapters 9 & 10 - Thailand and Beyond

MTD#9 Learning the slack-line at the Circus School in Pai

My week in Pai took me to many wonderful unexpected places, one of which was a Circus School.  I very much enjoyed the time I spent in this hub for international travelers all with something in common: we all understand that there is a special kind of pleasure to be gained from moving our bodies in the way that feels right to us, challenging our bodies and challenging our minds.  The slack-line is just one of the many options available there.  Juggling, fire-staff, poi, hula-hooping & more...  From the circus school to the Pai night market and back to the city of Chiang Mai.

MTD#10 Making babies - The story of Esteban's Creation

In this, the final part of my Thailand adventures, I introduce you to our family of cats and track our way through the UK and finally to the South of France.  I didn't have much video footage from this period but was able to tell the story using the many photographs I took instead.  From kittens to sausage factories to solar farms to pregnant bellies, this episode is the time-lapse packed story of a most joyful period in which Esteban decided to come and join in the fun.

16 December 2015

Chapters 7 & 8 - The week that changed my life in Northern Thailand

MTD#7 expected & unexpected rendezvous - the day I met the mother of my children
Moving Timelapse Diary #7 takes me out of Chiang Mai on a new adventure to Pai.  
On the bus ride I meet Sabrina and the course of my life is changed forever.  
In Pai I say hello to my friend old Dominika who introduces me to the wonderful way of life there.
The next day I head off into the mountains to find a giant white Buddha 
but instead I find so much more...

MTD#8 Pai & conquering my fear of driving scooters in Thailand
Moving Timelapse Diary #8 is set in and around the tranquil region of Pai.
This week I confront my fear of driving scooters
and finally get to grips with this essential Asian mode of transport.
We make the most of our new wheels and drive to Pangbok waterfalls,
one of the most stunning & energetic places I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

26 November 2015

Chapters 5 & 6 - Chiang Mai & the herbal supplement adventures

Chapter 5 introduces us to the Warm With Love House and to the most beautiful city I have ever lived in, Chiang Mai.  This one was much more complicated to edit than previous episodes due to the huge amount of photographs I had to choose from to create the time-lapse sequence in the middle of the film.  I was in Thailand to work for Heston's herbal supplement company and my first job was to create logos for the eight products. Using ink in water, incense smoke, fire poi & sparklers, we had a bunch of fun playing with ideas.

This little film is a clip from MTD#5, the time-lapse sequence I mentioned.

After the logos were complete we started shooting the product description films, which took me to many beautiful farms around the country.

Chapter 6 continues my exploration of Chiang Mai & takes a look at some of the other projects I was working on that month.  From new born kittens to crazy tuk tuk rides to the kind of places you wouldn't take your mother to...  then to my After Effects computer wizardry, a crazy time-lapse countdown sequence (using cress, ice & dancing capsules) and finally a little respect for those who try in their own way to improve the lives of other people.

4 November 2015

Chapter 4 Barcelona to Gandesa - the lesson of the almond harvesting house

Chapter 4 of Moving Timelapse Diary takes us from Barcelona to Gandesa where we continue our quest for awesome time-lapse & things worth getting excited about.  And my dream of becoming an almond farmer takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

I also focus on explaining the Law of Attraction in this episode.  Something I feel to be at the very core of my new & exciting life :)

It should be noted that I did not shoot all the time-lapse & hyper-lapse myself.  Many of the shots in this film were created by Dominika Martincova.  And one of the shots was created by Francisco Queral Miro (Franc), who received a few time-lapse lessons from me while we were living in his house.

26 October 2015

Moving Timelapse Dairy - Chapters 2 & 3

After the success of Chapter 1, it has been my great pleasure to edit on through all the old footage and continue creating films.  I have been advised by various people (including my Youtube agent) that 10 minute episodes are more suitable for the short attention spans of the general public.  I have accepted my position now and created the 10 minute format as you will see in the films below.  

However, it is curious to me that a large percentage of the world are able to sit through an hour of Game of Thrones, indulging in mindless killing and nudity, but struggle with 20 minutes of optimism & creativity.  Whatever does this say about us humans? 

I am going to do a one hour special for the chapter when I stumble upon a zombie nudist colony with my machine gun, and make a time-lapse film of the massacre  :)

Chapters 2 & 3 take us from the Spanish wilderness to Pamplona and finally on to Barcelona, where we settle for a month and shoot a whole bunch of nudity free time-lapse. Though I do take my top off!